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The freshest, most nutrient-rich produce grown right around the corner or in your own backyard…

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Located in Los Angeles, California, LA Urban Farms is a full service urban produce grower utilizing Tower Garden® aeroponic technology developed by the world leader in vertical aeroponics. We can grow most all vegetables, fruits, herbs and edible flowers. This state-of-the-art vertical patented technology is the perfect solution for farming in an urban setting, using 90% less land and 90% less water. This technology also allows the grower to control all elements of food production, most importantly the quality and safety of the water.  Our nutrient-dense living produce can be harvested in half the amount of time as traditional organic farming and requires a fraction of the amount of time to maintain (up to 50% less time) all without the use of any soil. Best of all, the Tower Garden eliminates the use of any harmful herbicides and pesticides.

Committed to the Local Food Movement

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LA Urban Farms is committed to being a leader in the local food growing movement by helping to spread this revolutionary and sustainable aeroponic technology throughout communities so that we can all have access to fresh and healthy food grown close to home.

We are partnering with businesses, restaurants, resorts, local markets, studios, schools, communities and homeowners across the country to spread this innovative technology and the future of farming.

Our main location is at Hollywood’s Sunset Gower Studios. We are growing more than 800 plants for Disney television chef & host of That’s Fresh, Helen Cavallo. Her Food & Bounty restaurant on the studio lot is just 15 steps away. The partnership is a model for the future of local food and one that aims to combat the fact that the average bite of food in America travels over 1500 miles before it’s served, losing nutritional value and wasting resources along the way. It is the true Farm to table dining experience!

LA Urban Farms- 1st Aeroponic vertical rooftop farm on a commercial office building in Los Angeles.

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