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LA Urban Farms

Beyond Organic

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Put a farmers market
on your rooftop or in
your own backyard.

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Our locally grown
produce is nutrient-dense
and can be harvested in
half the time as traditional
organic farming.

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Tower Garden

State-of-the-art, patented vertical growing system

Aeroponic Technology uses clean, safe water without soil

Requires 90% less land & 90% less water

Eliminates the need for any harmful herbicides & pesticides

Environmentally friendly and sustainable choice that
reduces our carbon footprint


Grow most all of your favorite
fruits, vegetables, herbs & edible flowers.

LA Urban Farms was founded by a group of individuals who are passionate about sustainability, the health of people and our planet, and local/ organic/ nutrient dense/ delicious food.  Our mission is to be a leader in the local organic food growing movement and a model for what is possible in our community.  We aim to inspire people to grow their own food and to empower them to look at the world with new eyes and see the untapped potential in all of the unused spaces around them.

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